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Strength Training For Cycling

Cycling is an effective and economical means of transport. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to driving. For people living in urban areas, cycling can save time and money.

As a sport, cycling is relatively easy to start. However, if you want to achieve fitness, you should consider adding strength training to your routine.

Regular cycling is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. It can help you keep your weight in check, reduce your risk of stroke and lower blood pressure. In addition, it is good for your joints.

Studies show that you may increase your life expectancy by as much as nine years if you cycle regularly. The British Heart Foundation estimates that 10,000 heart attacks could be avoided annually if people rode 20 miles per week.

Another study found that people who ride bikes to work are half as likely to develop cancer. Researchers looked at 260,000 adults over five years.

The University of Glasgow’s study also found that cycling to work reduced the risk of heart disease by half. A 2010 study estimated that people who cycled gained an average of eight years of life.

A Harvard Medical School study found that cyclists were 60 percent less likely to die early than non-cyclists. Men and women who exercised at least three times a week showed significant improvements in their mental health, social life, and physical well-being.

While cycling doesn’t build muscles like other sports, it is an excellent form of exercise. It will boost your cardiovascular system and your energy levels. You’ll also burn calories, reduce your body fat, and improve your balance.



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