Football Sports

The Basics of Football

Football is a sport that has a long history and is a favorite in many communities. Players of football must learn their role on the field, communicate well, and come together to achieve victory.

In order to play football, a player must wear the appropriate boots and shin pads. They must also know the rules and regulations.

Usually, a football game involves two teams of eleven players. The goal of each team is to advance the ball into the opponent’s ‘end zone’. Typically, the winning team scores more points than the losing team after four quarters.

A football is a circular-shaped ball, 58-61 cm in diameter. Its size is regulated by the competition rules. Each team has a designated yardage line on the field. Those lines are marked with yardage markers that descend from 10 yards to the opposing goal line.

Every football game starts with the kickoff. The team that has the ball on the kickoff will have the opportunity to run the ball back as far as they can. If they can’t, they will have to start over on their own downs.

To win, the team that scores a touchdown receives bonus points. These bonus points are called “extra points.”

Touchdowns are the most important offensive goal in football. A touchdown is scored when the team runs the ball across the goal line and into the end zone. Depending on the rules, one or two extra points can be added.



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