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Volleyball Basics

Volleyball is a sport in which two teams play on a court divided by a net. The team that scores the most points wins the game. There are five sets in a volleyball match. Each team has three serves and attempts to hit the ball over the net.

There are many rules in volleyball. Players may not hold, throw, catch or double hit the ball. Any violation will result in a point.

Players who cross the center line with their foot or hand are called for a violation. This is sometimes referred to as a “dig”. Generally, a center line violation is only a problem if the entire foot or hand crosses the center line. If only part of the foot or hand crosses the center line, it is a passing error.

Typically, a volleyball team will include two centre blockers. Most of them will have a universal spiker. A setter will play both rows of the court. They will help to build the offensive opportunities for their team.

For a volleyball attack, players have specialist positions. A middle back will be in the middle of the net when playing in the front row. These players will also be responsible for all dinks.

Back row players are not permitted to play above the net. However, they can legally attack the ball below the net.

A player will have to rotate one position clockwise when they win a back service. Traditionally, they will wear a different colour from the rest of the team.



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