Cricket Sports

What is Cricket?

Cricket is a sport that is played between two teams, each with 11 players on the field. The team that has the highest number of runs at the end of the game wins. Usually, the match lasts around six hours or five days.

Cricket is a game similar to baseball. Both involve throwing and hitting a ball. However, cricket is more complicated. It requires excellent hand-eye coordination and good stamina. There are several rules and specialised terminology used during a cricket match vegamovies.

The main contest in a cricket match is between the batsman and the bowler. Both must defend their wickets and try to score runs. If the opposing team succeeds, they can put the batsman out. The batsman is usually out if the ball is caught or hit by a fielder. Alternatively odishadiscoms, he can be put out if he hits the ball more than once.

Cricket is played on an oval field, which is divided into an infield and an outfield. Infields are made up of dirt or grass. On the other hand, outfields are grassy areas on the outside of the oval

During a cricket game, there are two umpires. These umpires are the sole judges of fair play. They also are responsible for intervening in any dangerous or unfair play.

Batsman’s first job is to defend his wicket. He is able to change his position and strategy if the ball is hit by a fielder. His second job is to hit the ball as hard as he can digitalnewshour.



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