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What is Life Style?

Lifestyle, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, is “a pattern of thought, behavior, or behavior-related traits that are characteristic of a group, class, or society”. It includes a person’s habits, attitudes, and patterns of social relations.

Lifestyle is an individual’s way of life, which reflects his or her personality, worldview, and lifestyle goals. It is also a reflection of a specific geographical, economic, religious, or political context.

It includes many behaviors, such as eating and drinking habits, sleeping and waking hours, television watching, and leisure pass time. It is also a combination of intangible factors, such as outlooks, values, and demographic variables.

Life style is closely related to happiness, health, and physical well-being. Specifically, a healthy lifestyle is characterized by an overall balance of activities and a joyous and contented life xotic news.

Studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle can improve mental and physical health. A few small changes to a person’s daily routine can help them make healthier choices. However, a systematic plan for living a healthy lifestyle is needed.

The first definition of a lifestyle was developed by Alfred Adler in 1929. The term was also used by Max Weber in 1922. He believed that the most important factor in a lifestyle is diet xotic news.

Lifestyle has been studied by authors such as Richard Jenkins, who examines routines, and Joffre Dumazedier, who studies time. Others, such as Pierre Bourdieu and Anthony Giddens, look at the interplay between the active and passive dimensions.



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