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What is MotoGP?

MotoGP is the world’s premier motorcycle racing championship. The series is administered by Dorna Sports and features prototype machinery designed by five manufacturers. There are three classes of machines: Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE.

The MotoGP bikes can reach speeds of over 340km/h. They are prototypes designed for circuit racing. They have six gears and a maximum engine capacity of 1000cc. This is enough power for riders to complete the full distance.

MotoGP has been a very competitive sport with ten different nations taking part. Some of the most talented racers in the world participate in the competition. It is a knockout style event where the riders line up in a qualifying session and the fastest rider lines up on the pole position.

MotoGP races are usually forty-five minutes long. Riders are allowed to switch tyres, allowing them to take advantage of the different weather conditions. For example, riders are allowed to use slicks instead of wets.

During the Grand Prix, the fastest fifteen riders are awarded points. The winners get 25 points, while the second place finisher receives 20 points.

Normally, MotoGP races cover a distance of around 95-130km. However, there are also sprint races. A “long lap” penalty is introduced for riders who exceed the track’s limits.

MotoGP bikes have a maximum bore of 81mm. This allows the engine to be more powerful. Additionally, the increased piston area allows more air to enter the engine. This increases fuel consumption.



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